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auro zoysia lawn features

auro zoysia lawn features

AURA Zoysia is well-suited to Australian conditions, from Darwin to Tasmania, and from Sydney to Perth.

AURA Zoysia performs well in all soil types, including clay and sandy soils and repair from wear well. The deep root and underground runner system allows it to endure extreme climates – AURA Zoysia handles heat and humidity as well as sub-zero temperatures.

Requiring less mowing, fertiliser and weeding than other grass types, AURA Zoysia has earnt its title as “the low maintenance lawn”.
AURA Zoysia is an efficient water user and highly drought tolerant. It’s an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or council water restrictions.



  • Eye-catching dark green colour
  • Soft to the touch and underfoot
  • Fine, tight leaf blade growth
  • Fine-medium leaf blade (5-7mm), well proportioned to smaller-sized yards
  • Good to moderate autumn/winter colour
  • Early spring green up (where dormant in cooler climates)


  • Grows in clay and sandy soil types
  • Durable and robust
  • Less mowing
  • Rapid injury recovery
  • Good resistance to insects and diseases
  • Moderate-good shade tolerance


  • Grows Australia-wide
  • Thrives in extreme heat and humidity


Wear Tolerance Medium-high
Drought Tolerance 9/10
Cold Tolerance Medium
Shade Tolerance – low wear 50%
Shade Tolerance – high wear 30%
Salt Tolerance Medium
Maintenance Levels Very Low
Mowing Required Low
Seed Head Levels Low
Leaf Texture Fine-medium
Winter Colour 5/10
Soil Type Most
Where It Works Best NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA

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