9 Easy to follow steps

  1. Remove all building waste and weeds.
  2. Spread a free draining soil to a depth of 7-15cm (roots can penetrate much deeper) or loosen ground and mix in appropriate soil conditioners. Phone a soil supplier for more advice on this option. For sandy soils, simply mix in organic material and rotary hoe.
  3. Level the surface using a screeding board, lawn leveler or similar device.
  4. Apply a low analysis fertiliser with an N:P:K of approximately 5:6:5 or lawn starter fertiliser to the surface and incorporate a rake. Or alternatively you can apply fertiliser on top of your lawn approximately 2 weeks after installation.
  5. In hot months, moisten the soil but do not make the soil too wet. Do not lay turf on hot, dry soil.
  6. Lay turf as soon as possible after delivery.
  7. On hot days, lay a section of turf and lightly water. Repeat until all turf is laid. On cool days, turf can be laid all at once. Roll and water thoroughly within one hour of laying turf.
  8. Water thoroughly for 10-14 days or until turf is established, take care that the water is saturating the soil beneath the turf. In colder months, the turf will take longer to establish. The turf should not dry out until roots are established.
  9. When the soil has firmed and the turf has rooted down, usually 2-3 weeks after laying (longer in winter), mow lightly to tidy up the lawn.