Site preparation for your new lawn

Creating the foundation for your new lawn to thrive is important. Here are 6 steps in which to follow before laying your new lawn. In order for your lawn to take root the site must be free of weeds and have well prepared soil. For the best outcome, a healthy lawn also needs good drainage so ensure the soil gradient slopes away from any buildings or pathways.

1. Remove weeds
Use a non-selective herbicide to clear all the weeds in the ground. If you are removing old lawn you should still follow this step is case any weeds remain in the soil. Ideally spray the weeds 7 – 10 days before you remove them.

2. Soil improvement and excavation
This step must be done after any herbicides have taken effect. For clay-based soils apply gypsum before rotary hoeing the site. For sandy based soils apply organic matter or compost.

3. Turf foundation
Rotary hoe or cover the area with good lawn underlay which consists of 70% sand to 30% soil to a minimum of 50mm – 100mm deep.

4. How much soil to get
This can be simply calculated using the formula – area x depth x 1.6. Make sure you have worked out the amount of lawn you need (the area) then multiply that figure by the depth of the soil and multiply by 1.6.
 For example – 62m2 (lawn area) x 0.1 (100mm soil depth) x 1.6 = 9.92 tonnes of soil.

5. Think about installing an irrigation system
While you are preparing the site it is also a good time to consider your watering system. An automatic watering system, which can be adjusted to the individual needs of different plantings and your lawn, will give you a thicker, greener lawn and more beautiful gardens, as you save time and water. There are two different styles of irrigation systems to choose from; traditional sprinkler-based systems and drip irrigation systems.

6. Rake the area
Finally, prepare the area by raking it smoothly for a level finish. It is also recommended that you apply fertiliser, such as a good premium water saving fertiliser with nutrient accelerator for healthy lawn growth.