View Kikuyu handles all kinds of wear and tear – whether it’s from large dogs, active kids or regular backyard parties – and looks good while doing it.

View Kikuyu has a strong root system that grows vigorously. The result is a lawn that establishes quickly, is incredibly wear tolerant and has an excellent recovery rate.

View Kikuyu is an efficient water user and highly drought tolerant. It’s an ideal choice for areas with low rainfall or council water restrictions.

View Kikuyu is highly drought tolerant once established – but, like all plants, needs water. Requirements will vary depending on environmental factors. Be aware of a drying climate and water your lawn accordingly.



  • Bright green colour all year-round
  • Soft to the touch and underfoot
  • Fine-medium leaf blade
  • Dense growth


  • Grows in most soil types
  • Highly durable and resilient
  • Rapid recovery rate
  • Good resistance to diseases
  • Very weed resistant due to dense growth


  • Grows in most parts of Australia
  • Excellent cold-hardiness
  • Drought tolerant
  • Ideal for full sun or very light shade
Wear Tolerance High
Drought Tolerance 8/10
Cold Tolerance High
Shade Tolerance – low wear 20%
Shade Tolerance – high wear 15%
Salt Tolerance Low
Maintenance Levels High
Mowing Required High
Seed Head Levels Low
Leaf Texture Fine-medium
Winter Colour 8/10
Soil Type Most
Where It Works Best NSW, South QLD, VIC, ACT, WA, SA